What was the inspiration for this book? The seed was planted in the early 80s, when I used to drive south from Las Vegas to visit family in Bullhead City, Arizona. Close to the halfway point was a small town called Searchlight. I often stopped at a store there for a break. In the front window was a poster, Wanted: Sheep Rustlers. Given my affinity for western stories, it stuck in my mind. It took years for that idea to germinate. Eventually I created my protagonist, a range detective, employed by a fictitious cattlemen’s association, who tracked down rustlers in the Colorado Plateau region.

Have you written in other genres or formats, such as short stories or screenplays? Would they be easier, harder, or just different?
 I've got a few chapters and story ideas in other genres. One is a sci-fi story and the other a western romance. They’ve been collecting dust for a while. Recently, I've written a few short stories. They feature the same protagonist, Henry “Whispering” Smith. One will appear in the 2020 South Carolina Writers Association anthology, Catfish Stew.

What are your reading habits and favorite genres? I used to be a voracious reader. I've cut back because I need time to write. Occasionally I’ll read a light romance or western, but my favorite genre is mystery. I grew up reading and watching westerns movies and television shows, so it’s no wonder I wrote a modern western mystery.

What's the best writing advice you've been given? Join a writers group, whether it's local, statewide, or national. Go to a writers conference. Find critique partners.

What is your current writing project? I have a couple of short stories in the works. The second book in the Henry "Whispering" Smith series keeps most of my attention. I expect to have it out before summer 2020.


Do you read your reviews? I definitely read them! I love hearing what readers think of my work. Reviews are one the best ways to support authors. They also help readers find new books to read.